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A) FLAT POLYESTER WEBBING SLINGS. (Single & Multi legs)   

offers  synthetic web slings for rigging purposes.  The most commonly used synthetic web slings are made of nylon- or polyester-type yarns. They have the following properties in common:

  • Strength,                      
  • Convenience,
  • Load Protection
  • Economy

We supply wide verity of Flat synthetic webbing slings according to BSEN 1492-1, ASME B 30.9-5 and WSTDA-WS1 with a Safety Factor of 5:1 to 8:1. Customers could choice custom length based on special requirements.


Type 1:  
Eye-eye webbing sling (EE)
These are most popular and more versatile sling.
Preferred types of soft eye formation are illustrated below


Type 2:
Endless webbing sling (EN)                                                         
These are economical and adaptable sling with no
fixed wear points

Type 3:
Fitting webbing sling with metal (EM)    

  • Triangle & triangle
  • Triangle & choker


Multi Leg Webbing Slings

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